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June 24, 2007



I look so forward to seeing you progress through this book; it's a real turning point for you, I think. I also can't wait to get a copy for my little cousin with Down Synrome (who also has a big sister)! What a great project!


Hi Shennen, I think fate put you and this book together for the best of reasons. I know your heart will be in every page.
Thank you for letting us share your journey with this sensitive and emotional project. You will 'do it proud' for the girls.



What a powerful story!
I can't wait to see this book in progress.
Thanks so much for sharing.
I have three children, my middle son has severe cerebral palsy.
Although it's a different disability, I know it will be a book my children will relate to.

john nez

Just reading this blog post makes me weepy. I can relate to so much of the pain and feeling of being cut off. It's also such a burden to be the one that's looked up to... as if somehow you've got the answer to all the unanswered questions.

It does sound like this book was fate working in some just way to connect you to make the pictures.

I'm sure they'll be wonderful...



I thank all of you for your comments. I hope to give support and encouragement to other siblings in similar situations - and through my sister to let parents know that their Down syndrome children can grow up to live full, productive lives. I know that is a concern for most parents, what will become of my child as (s)he grows older?

Liz and June, you both have inspired me to blog and to share more of myself. Thank you both.

I will periodically update my progress, at some point Cheri and I would like to have Holly meet Alicia.

Roz, my heart is with your children as a sibling and all the emotions that entails, and my heart is with you as a mother - and all the joys and sorrows that come with parenthood. The brightest light is always your child's smile.

And John, we've spoken before of our similarities, knowing there are others in the same situation makes it somehow easier.

Yeah, it's weepy - but working through my personal emotions will bring forth my finest pieces of art. You have to live the Blues to play it properly.

Jean Cochran

I am but a small part of this story, and even for me, to see it in writing, is so moving! Shennen, I am so excited to watch you bring this wonderful book to life! And I am truly honored to be working with you on a project that will certainly touch many, many lives - as it has already touched ours.

Pleasant St. Press

Aunt Dottie

Our whole family is so excited about Nancy Ling's book about our Alicia and Rachel. Thank you Nancy and Shennen for giving our family the joy it so richly deserves by telling this beautiful story of our children!
Love to you all - Aunt Dottie

K. Hennessey

I just heard about this wondeful book from Cheri and I just had to comment! I am one of Alicia's teachers and her story and her family's story (Rachel's perspective especially) will touch many lives. They are sisters of the heart...thank you for your work- I cannot wait to read it.
Alica is "my teacher"

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